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UTS-Online launches with generous Financial Aid

Going global with online courses: A new era has begun at UTS

We encourage all UTS alumni and supporters, to spread the news about UTS-Online and the first courses that UTS is launching in October 2017. 

Let potential students know they can benefit from UTS education wherever they may live or work. 

With UTS’s online education program students worldwide have access to our expert faculty. Online learning allows you to fit graduate-level study into your own schedule—no matter where you reside. 

  • Earn credit toward a graduate degree, or simply take courses as a non-degree student. 
  • The new online initiative at Unification Theological Seminary (UTS) will launch on October 16, 2017 with two courses being offered. 
  • Two courses, “Unification Apologetics in Practical Contexts ” and “Divine Principle in Depth” will be taught online by UTS faculty Dr. Tyler Hendricks and Dr. Andrew Wilson, respectively.
  • Find out more information at
  • There is a scholarship of $1000 per course for all who sign up for the launch of UTS-Online and take one or both courses.
  • Apply now. The deadline for application is Friday, October 6.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

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October 2017 Online courses:

EDU 5604: Unification Apologetics in Practical Contexts

How do you represent Unification faith to those who challenge it? Learn the meaning of “apologetics,” the background of people’s doubts, criticisms and accusations, how to share historically-based, Principled responses, both personally and publicly, and the heart of God with which to do so.

Taught by Dr. Tyler Hendricks, former President of the Unification Church, USA, former President of UTS, and founder of True Parents Way (

THE 5631: Divine Principle in Depth

Divine Principle provides the formula for our life with God and one another. It is also a resource for ecumenical relations, offering amazing insights into the Bible and Christian doctrines. This is an advanced course equipping students with the analytical tools they need to deal with diverse opinions and faith styles.

Taught by Dr. Andrew Wilson who has worked as an author and an editor of World Scripture, Chambumo Gyeong, True Family Values, and Exposition of the Divine Principle