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UTS MD Satellite Center Announces New Course Offerings Ahead of Open House

Logos Christian College of UTS at Washington, now a satellite center of UTS, located near Washington DC, will offer four courses in the Spring semester and will hold its first Open House on Saturday, Nov. 14, Dr. Kathy Winings, Vice President for Academic Affairs, has told UTS News.

The Open House will take place from 10:00 a.m. to noon at 9135, Piscataway Rd. in Clinton, Maryland, where evening courses are currently taught every Monday and Wednesday evening. Dr. John Paul James will be a key presenter, and faculty teaching at the center will likely be there to introduce themselves as well.

“The Spring semester at the satellite center will offer New Testament Foundation, taught by Dr. John Paul James; Pastoral issues in Urban Counseling, taught by Dr. Rose Merchant; Theories of Personality taught by Dr. Lewter, and Systematic Theology, taught by an adjunct professor to be announced,” according to Dr. Winings.

“As the number of students grow, UTS is looking forward to utilizing additional space at its current location,” Dr. Kathy Winings

“My strategy is to bring the same faculty who currently teach at elite schools in the area to teach evening classes at the UTS Satellite Center. The courses will be significantly lower in cost than elsewhere but they will be equally effective,” he says. We want to enable pastors to come here and break through the ceiling of their careers and move up professionally, becoming world shakers.”Dr. James says he is optimistic that the course offerings will prepare seminarians to learn how to help clients handle the challenges of urban living. He notes that expansion of Prince George’s County’s Department of Mental Health  services to youth that will roll out in April of 2016 may offer opportunities for seminarians. Public Health officials have told UTS News that the Department of Mental Health may need mentors and interns in the care of youth under treatment for a range of behavioral problems.

“There are grants from the State through which internships are paid. Working with organizations isn’t a problem. It’s just knowing what to do and how to do it,” Dr. James says.