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UTS Goes Global with Online Courses

The worldwide Unification movement needs trailblazers who can apply the Unification worldview and teachings of the True Parents in their own cultural context, who can affirm unchanging values and ideals and who can apply them in our troubled world. UTS is prepared to serve that need and has built an online education platform that will allow students throughout the world, including North America, to access graduate-level courses remotely through the Internet.

Online learning allows you to fit graduate-level study into your own schedule—wherever you are.

  • Are you interested in fulfilling the vision Cheon Il Guk – i.e., the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth?
  • Are you interested in building a world of true peace, with one family under God? 
  • Do you want to be empowered to build a God-centered family and community?

To help students to be equipped to reach these noble goals and to experience a transformation is the purpose of a Unification Theological Seminary education. That education will equip you with the knowledge and experience that you need to transform your own life and help others to achieve these ideals.

UTS-Online brings the expertise of experienced Unification professors to you, in your home, which could be anywhere in the world. This is the blessing of modern technology. This is an amazing opportunity. You do not need to leave home, job or mission to enroll in graduate-level courses of UTS. UTS can come to you!

UTS will start this plan with two credit-bearing courses that will be taught online by its most distinguished and accomplished professors, Dr. Wilson and Dr. Hendricks. Each course is for 8 weeks and will begin on Monday October 16 and finish on Friday December 8. It is recommended that a student only take one course at a time, since each course is condensed and will cover in 8 weeks the same content that is covered during a regular,15 week semester course. Additional courses will begin on January 29 and on March 28.

UTS is recognized as a global center for Unification theological education and research, and a primary resource of the life and times of Father and Mother Moon and of their teachings for people both inside and outside the Unification movement. In surveys taken recently at several Unification events worldwide the following areas of study were of highest interest: 

1. Life and Teachings of True Parents

2. Unification Studies 

3. Pastoral Ministry and Counseling

4. Unification Theology 

5. Unification Philosophy

Responding to that interest of the membership, the first two online courses using UTS’s newly acquired state-of-the-art Canvas distance learning management system will target two major Unification educational subjects:

EDU 5604: Unification Apologetics in Practical Contexts*, taught by Dr. Tyler Hendricks 

As a member of the Family Federation, how do you represent your faith to those who challenge it? The challenge could be from a traditionalist Christian who thinks you’re not saved. It could be from someone who is spiritual, not religious, or someone who thinks religion in general is a scam. It could be someone you’ve known for years, who can’t understand what is going on with the Family Federation, hears questions go without answers, may be downright critical and inactive, or active with groups that offer alternative leadership, faith statements and spiritual paths.

The student will learn the meaning of “apologetics,” the background of people’s doubts, criticisms and accusations, how to share historically-based, Principled responses, both personally and publicly, and the heart of God with which to do so.

We will cover the following topics and more…

  • Family Federation position statements and FAQs 
  • How the Principle explains True Parents’ history and Family Federation practice
  • Unificationism as a post-modern worldview that answers criticism from the Left 
  • Unificationism as a biblical worldview that answers criticism from the Right 
  • Understanding the Cheong Pyeong providence, spirit world, ceremonies, rituals, proclamations and persecution 
  • Understanding the difficult parts of True Father’s personal course 
  • The purpose behind True Father’s organizations and strategies 
  • The good and bad reasons religions divide

The course will be comprised of instructor videos and Power Points, online articles and videos from other sources, quizzes, short essays, a weekly sharing of viewpoints going back and forth through short essays and discussion groups, and a final project.

THE 5631: Divine Principle in Depth*, taught by Dr. Andrew Wilson

A special focus of this course will be how to apply Divine Principle in this era after Rev. Moon’s passing, when we are moving beyond the providence of restoration and into the time for substantial kingdom building. The OSDP workshops that were given in 2011-12 took a tentative first step in this direction, but they fell short of a thorough review of the entire Principle. We intend to go much further. This is homework that we need to do, if we are to effectively testify to True Parents and build Cheon Il Guk in our time.

20 years ago….Online education comments of Father Moon:

“Father’s talk today can be sent to the world today by the Internet. This will surpass the interest people have in politicians. The world and spirit world will be full of Father’s words. Even in bed you can hear Father’s words. Father knows the Internet. If it had a desire, what would it like to transmit? True love, not cheap messages. Headquarters can transmit a daily Principle exam to the world by Internet. The computer also can grade the exams, checking for the presence of the key words. The present-day school system will be outmoded.”

Cutting Off Satan’s Lineage, Which Is the Origin of this Most Evil World,” Belvedere International Training Center, December 1, 1997