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UTS Faculty Participate in a Seminar on Publishing

UTS Academic Dean Keisuke Noda organized a special seminar on faculty publishing on January 24, 2020. It drew the participation of both full-time faculty and one recent graduate. The featured speaker at the program was Dr. Jack Seymour, Professor Emeritus of Religious Education at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary in Evanston, Illinois. Dr. Seymour served for eleven year as Executive Editor of the Journal of Religious Education and he also served as one of the editors of the Religious Education Association’s Book Series on “Horizons in Religious Education.”

Dr. Seymour encouraged participants to focus on one particular win which they wish to be published. He emphasized that they also need to understand, appreciate, and develop the ability to engage the interest of their reading audience in the first few paragraphs of their articles. Prospective writers need a comprehensive appreciation of the expectations and protocols of the academic journals where they wish to be published. He shared a number of his own experiences, noting the important role of professional societies and the conferences that they sponsor as the starting point for many publications.

Dr. Seymour’s excellent presentation was followed by a discussion among UTS faculty on their research and Dr. Ward emphasized, as had Dr. Seymour, about the importance of being able to communicate beyond our own community of faith as academics.

Dr. Mickler was recognized because he was recently invited to be a contributor to a book on new religions that will be published by Routledge.