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UTS Alumni are Active in the City of Brotherly Love

UTS is proud to report that several UTS alumni are very active in religious education in Philadelphia, PA.

In attendance at a recent seminar were the following alumni:

  • Kevin Convery (UTS’84)
  • Sukhont Convery (UTS’83)
  • Shota Iwasaki (UTS’07)
  • Wayne Miller (UTS’79)
  • Hans Moyer (UTS’93)

On January 26, the Philadelphia Family Church hosted a one-day intensive Divine Principle seminar at their church meeting hall. Approximately 20 participants attended the dynamic lecture series, which was organized by Pastor Shota Iwasaki (UTS’07) and Assistant Pastor Sunhyun Miller.

The entire content of the Divine Principle was presented by Sunhyun and his father, Wayne Miller (UTS’79), a Professor of Philosophy and Ethics. The first lecture covered the Principle of Creation and the Human Fall. The second lecture moved on to the Mission of the Messiah and the Foundation for Restoration, while the third lecture presented the Parallels of History and the Second Advent of the Messiah.

In order to make the content of the Divine Principle more accessible, the Millers used a blackboard for their presentations and posted an outline of the entire lecture on the board prior to beginning. “I liked how the blackboard template approach was applied to capture key points of the material,” said Hans Moyer (UTS’93), Executive Director of Universal Peace Federation (UPF) Pennsylvania. “It was very helpful for both the lecturers and the audience.”

At the end of each session, attendees participated in a lively discussion period where they shared their take on the content. Those who were hearing the content for the first time gave their input, drawing from life experience and personal journeys of faith. “The guests were very engaged in the Divine Principle presentation,” said one young participant. “During the discussion, they gave thoughtful reflections about the content…and they felt great respect toward True Parents for testifying to the life of true love and God’s liberation.”

Another young Unificationist in attendance remarked that Sunhyun, a young member himself, blew the crowd away with his confident and clear lecture style. “I was especially moved by Sunhyun’s presentation on the Tree of Life,” he said. “Sunhyun described the Tree of Life to be God and humankind’s greatest hope, and he made this abstract understanding clearer. The seminar focused on the concept of hope. Even though there is unhappiness in the world, God’s love and forgiveness for humankind has moved history in the direction of restoration, and the seminar made it clear that there is still hope, and the responsibility lies within each individual to substantiate this hope.”

In the summer, the Millers plan on presenting monthly Saturday lectures so they may cover the entire Divine Principle in greater depth. 

A version of this article appeared in 25, February 2019