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The Shift from Oncampus to Offsite to Online Education

UTS administrators often attend Association of Theological Schools (ATS) events. Experience shows that it is important for UTS to stay current with the conversations which are part of the theological landscape in North America. UTS has affiliate status with ATS

Robin James Graham, UTS Director of Advancement and Communication

Being where? The shift from oncampus to offsite to online education

Oxford University Press published a classic study of on-campus residential education at ATS schools 20 years ago titled Being There: Culture and Formation in Two Theological Schools (1997). The authors drew this conclusion: “In summary, few of the new forms and technologies seem to us to deliver the full benefits of actually being there, on location at school, in its buildings …” While their concerns were focused on online (distance) education, they also expressed some anxiety about offsite (extension) education. After all, in 1997 no ATS schools were approved to offer online education (and wouldn’t be for several more years), while offsite extension education was clearly growing—and about to explode.

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Tom Tanner is Director of Accreditation at The Association of Theological Schools in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.