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The Principled Academy is seeking a Head of School

One of America’s First Unification-Inspired Schools Seeks a New Head of School and Encourages Qualified UTS Students and Alums to Apply.

The Principled Academy (TPA) is a non-sectarian, nonprofit religious school in San Leandro, CA. It was established in a garage in 1988 with 5 kindergarten students. Today, housed in the handsome facility of the Bay Area Family Church, it proudly serves 130 students from preschool through 8th grade. TPA is seeking a new Head of School (HOS) who can embody principled ideals, apply the Divine Principle in solving problems, and share the vision of principled education with a new generation of students, parents, and teachers.

1. Duties and Responsibilities: The HOS, working with support staff, is

  1. The moral leader of the school
  2. The legal representative of the governing boards on the school site
  3. Responsible for creating and following a budget
  4. The instructional leader
  5. Responsible for the hiring, firing, and training of school employees

2. Preferred qualifications:

  1. A master’s degree or higher
  2. Teaching experience
  3. Fiscal competence in managing budgets and long-term strategic plans
  4. A Unificationist 

3. Special skills needed:

  1. Be a moral exemplar and conceive the job as a mission in service to humanity
  2. Articulate to all stakeholders the vision of TPA as a school focused on character education and social/emotional learning.
  3. Respect parents as the child’s first teachers and collaborate as partners with them.
  4. Foster teamwork and mutual respect among the staff by being fair and impartial in the administration of the school’s policies.
  5. Stay current on best practices and assist staff to improve their skills.

4. Line of supervision: The Head of School is responsible to the Board of Trustees and must be evaluated by them annually utilizing a written instrument, which becomes part of the Head’s permanent file.

5. Salary and benefits: TBD based upon experience, recommendations, and other qualifications.

6. Perks: Your preschool-8th grade-age child(ren) will attend The Principled Academy tuition-free!

7. Position start date: July 1, 2022, with shadowing/training beginning early June, 2022. 

Please contact Kristina Seher, Head of School Emerita, at for more detailed information.