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The new UTS website is here!

A big thank you to the many people who have assisted in making the new UTS website possible. The contributions and feedback have been really helpful. The collaboration has pointed UTS communications in new directions: aesthetics, having best practices, being current, and ease of use.

Easter is a propitious time for the UTS website to experience renewal and the re-commitment to support UTS and its mission to bridge religious and cultural divides.

The new website and corresponding social media will help create and cultivate ongoing relationships among trustees, faculty, staff, alumni, friends, current students, and future students. There is a call for authentic leadership and innovation in the world today, and UTS is working to facilitate engagement and champion creativity.

The website seeks to create value and serve all in our community who wish to challenge religious and cultural divides and share with UTS the vision of one global family under God.

UTS alumnae/i are active in over 65 countries; with improved communication, they will now have greater influence. The website is designed to be a vehicle for their voices, their experiences and their knowledge. In the coming months there will be much greater use of video and podcasts to provide content from UTS faculty, alumnae/I and friends. Production is already underway for the first of these. The UTS Communications Team welcomes all of your ideas.

Our alumnae/i and friends are important to the well-being of UTS today and in the future. You count.