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The Certificate Program in Biblical Studies

In many quarters of the African-American and Latino inner cities of our country the psycho-emotional and social ramifications of long-term poverty and the despair that often accompanies it has taken a toll. The statistical fact that 3 out of 4 children born in these communities are born out of wedlock and approximately 85 percent of family households are headed by single parents (mostly women) is stunning. One is forced to wonder if this generation, as was the case with many before, will continue to experience the deep and daunting social, economic and other challenges that are inevitable when surrounded in this kind of reality.

Our Lord, Jesus Christ was moved when faced by the poverty, oppression, despair and social injustice that was the reality of His people, the Jews. He shared with them God’s will and plan for those that would come to Him in faith. He shared how through faith they could be renewed in God. There were many miracles, signs and wonders that those who exercised their faith in God experienced as recorded in the Holy Bible.

Our Lord truly solved many problems. He healed the blind, the deaf, the paralyzed and a host of many other issues and diseases. Before He ascended back to Glory to sit at the right hand of the Father to intercede on the behalf of the very people that He came to serve, he said that those coming behind Him would do even “greater works” (John 14:12).

Jesus went on to equip His disciples who ultimately became His apostles and they turned the world upside down. A group of 12 disciples of Christ, some 2000 years ago, started a movement that is changing the lives of over 3 billion today, restoring hope to families and individuals through a newly established and saving relationship with God through the Lord Jesus Christ.

This continues to be the mission of the Unification Theological Seminary (UTS). UTS is an international and interdenominational graduate level Seminary. At UTS students can earn degrees and certificates which will serve as a foundation for ministerial work and leadership in a variety of settings.

The Certificate Program in Biblical Studies (CP) is a non-degree and non-credit course of study that provides a basic theological education suitable for both lay and ordained church leaders. Candidates for admission need only to hold a high school degree or its equivalent, although many in the program have already completed college or even graduate programs. Currently our classes are held mostly on Thursdays and Saturdays and will soon be available also online. The curriculum covers the basic theological disciplines of Biblical, historical, theological and practical studies, and many of the classes are taught by graduates or current students of UTS degree programs.

The next three workshops of the certificate programs in New Jersey:

  • Saturday, March 12, 2016 at 11:00 am
  • Saturday, March 26, 2016 at 11:00 am
  • Saturday, April 9 2016 at at 11:00 am