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Take the HJI Challenge:  Choose from the HJI Featured Spring Courses

HJ International Graduate School for Peace and Public Leadership Spring classes begin January 29!

Exciting courses include: 

  • Ministry and Public Leadership in America taught by Dr. Thomas Walsh and Rev. Demian Dunkley. Watch Dr. Walsh’s intro video here
  • Korean Language 1 taught by Christina Miyake. Watch Ms. Miyake’s intro video here
  • Divine Principle in Depth taught by Dr. Andrew Wilson. Watch Dr. Wilson’s intro video here
  • History of Christianity 1 taught by Dr. Michael Mickler. Watch Dr. Mickler’s intro video here

Click here to see the full schedule and course syllabi. 

Generous scholarships available!

To apply, click here.

For further details, please contact:

               Steven Boyd
               Dean of Enrollment Management & Student Life