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Support the Seminary

Wherever there is the front line then you will find UTS alumnae and alumni.

UTS Alumni are active in 65+ countries.

This has happened in just 40 years. UTS was founded in 1975 and the first graduating class was 1977.

Donate $40 per month in honor of UTS this year, and ensure UTS’ growth and development for the next 40 years and help it establish a firmer economic base.

Ask yourself and ask another UTS alumna or alumnus how valuable UTS has been. You will be reminded how UTS has been integral for personal formation as a foundation for mission, service, and life.

Please consider joining the other supporters of the UTS Over 40 Campaign

Of course, if you want to “go over 40” there are multiple gift options for you to choose. Make it a recurring monthly donation and your giving will be automatic.

Your gift to the Over 40 Campaign will also ensure that the Barrytown Retreat and Conference Center pursues marketing and outreach to serve existing friends and family; but also to introduce UTS to a wider community. In 2016 there was a significant growth in the marketing of UTS in NYC, UTS in Maryland and UTS and the Barrytown campus.

  • Recruitment ads are being placed online
  • Active social media: Unification Theological Seminary and the UTS Alumni
  • A fresh new UTS website that is constantly expanding
  • A Guest lecture series