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Seeking The Common Good: What We Can Learn From Other Professional Disciplines

UTS administrators often attend Association of Theological Schools (ATS) events. Experience shows that it is important for UTS to stay current with the conversations which are part of the theological landscape in North America. UTS has affiliate status with ATS

Robin James Graham, UTS Director of Institutional Advancement

Seeking the common good: what can we learn from other professional disciplines?

A significant question posed in the ATS Educational Models and Practices in Theological Education project was what theological educators could learn from the experiences of other disciplines of graduate professional education. Did law schools, medical schools, and schools of social work, for example, face similar challenges to those facing theological schools? What opportunities are educators in those disciplines (and others) embracing? What might conversations with a range of graduate professional educators reveal about educational models and practices that could be of benefit to leaders of theological schools?.

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Stephen R. Graham is Senior Director of Programs and Services at The Association of Theological Schools in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Shannon Mary Sims is an MAR student at Trinity School forMinistry in Ambridge, Pennsylvania.