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Readings on UTS ~ Sun Myung Moon (1977- 2001)

“There are many educational institutions in the world, but this school, the Unification Theological seminary, was founded based on the purpose and goal of cultivating the worldwide leaders who can complete the Will of God, by building a God-centered ideal world based on ideal families.

God’s Will is to build one world centered on God. Accordingly, five colors and races all throughout the five oceans and six continents of the world must become brothers and sisters under God. For this reason all religions should be united and make joint efforts for the establishment of one global family. In order to realize this, all existing barriers among races, religions, denominations and nations must be broken down to create one unified world. The Unification Theological Seminary was founded based on such an inter-religious, international and interracial ideology.”

– Rev. Sun Myung Moon. June 21, 2001 in Congratulatory Address for the 25th Class of the Unification Theological Seminary