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Online learning at ATS schools

UTS administrators often attend Association of Theological Schools (ATS) events. Experience shows that it is important for UTS to stay current with the conversations which are part of the theological landscape in North America. UTS has affiliate status with ATS.

Robin James Graham, UTS Director of Advancement and Communication

Part 1—Looking back at our past

Online learning among ATS schools has a rather brief, but intriguing history. 20 years ago, no ATS member school offered any courses online. 10 years ago, only a fourth of our schools offered any courses online, and less than a tenth of them had any substantive online programs. None offered any degrees completely online. Today, nearly two-thirds of our 273 member schools have online offerings. More than half have substantive online offerings, and more than a fourth offer entire degrees completely online.

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Tom Tanner is  Director, Accreditation and Institutional Evaluation at The Association of Theological Schools.