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Multidimensional Reality

The Journal of Unification Studies is a forum for committed engagement with Unification theology and practice, published annually by the Unification Theological Seminary.

Its articles address concerns of the theological community and the professional ministry, as well as contemporary social, cultural, political, scientific and economic issues, from a Unificationist perspective.

In addition, the Journal promotes dialogue and understanding by presenting papers from diverse viewpoints that engage Unification theology and practice.

In his article Multidimensional Reality, published in the Journal of Unification Studies, 2016,  Kerry Pobanz (UTS’77) explores the continuing revelation of the multidimensional nature of the human soul.

“One of the most fascinating and extraordinary developments in our time is the continuing revelation of the multidimensional nature of the human soul, or alternatively, the multidimensional nature of the cosmos as structured through infinitely creative human consciousness. For long ages human beings never suspected that their true birthright as sons and daughters of God, is to beings of eternal love and endless creativity, capable of existing in multiple dimensions or realities at the same time. However, as we jump into the 21st century, these potentialities are beginning to be experienced and recognized.

Four contemporary authors—Dannion Brinkley, Whitley Strieber, Graham Hancock and Jurgen Ziewe—offer tantalizing glimpses into this hitherto unexplored aspect of human consciousness and the human soul. These are then explicated through a brief consideration of the teachings of Seth, channeled through Jane Roberts, which speak of the human soul existing simultaneously in multiple dimensions. We conclude with a commentary showing how the Divine Principle’s theology of returning resurrection can be accommodated within Seth’s notion of the growth of the human soul.” continue reading…

Kerry Pobanz was in the first graduating class of the Unification Theological Seminary (1977), and received his M.A. in Philosophy from Fordham University (1989). He is the author of The Spirit-Person and the Spirit-World: An Otherdimensional Primer (2001) and Life In Eternity: Human Beings in the Spirit World (2012). He continues to investigate and write about the nature of spiritual reality and life in the spirit world.