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Maarten Meijer (UTS ’91) has published another book

Martin Meijer Ph.D. (UTS’91):

Dear Friend,

I am very proud and happy to let you know that, after more than four years of work, “People Who Choose the Unification Church” was published, in Korean, “통일교를선택한 사람들.” All the essential Unification ideas are creatively explained so that they are comprehensible for people who are not church members.

The book’s twelve chapters cover: “The masterpiece of love”; “Eve’s apple and Natasha’s snake”; “The suffering of God”; “Jesus’ marriage”; “True Parents for humanity”; “The power of woman”; “Breaking love’s glass ceiling”; “Marriage made in Heaven”; “Absolute sex”; “Eternal love”; “Blessed family life”; “Living for the sake of others.”

The book is rich in verbal and visual illustration: Forty-six colorful real-life stories from Unification Church members and ambassadors for peace enliven the narrative – people from Argentina, Belarus, Brazil, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Guyana, Iran, Italy, Japan, Korea, Nepal, Nigeria, the United States, and Zambia. Twelve full-page, full-color illustrations, one for each chapter, were especially created for the book by a group of Russian artists and graphic designers.

This book is a wonderful way to dispel the misinformation and half-truths that have been circulated by detractors of the church, or the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification as it is called today, and to share the power and beauty of Rev. and Mrs. Moon’s vision for a world of true love and peace.

I would like to encourage you to buy the book, give it to your Korean-speaking friends and contacts, and spread the word that it has been published. To that end, I also ask you to post the announcement (and the book cover) in your newsletters, on your websites, and on your Facebook, and ask your friends and contacts to do the same. When the Korean sales go up, the book can soon be published in other languages. English and Japanese versions are in the planning stages.

At the moment, the Korean version is available only in bookstores and on websites in Korea, but hopefully it will soon come out on, an international Korean book merchandiser. If you want to get copies immediately, I will personally make sure they get to you, one way or another, wherever you are.

Maarten Meijer author profile, source: LinkedIn

Maarten Meijer was born and lived in the Netherlands for two decades; lived in America for one decade; in Russia for one decade; and in Korea for nine years. He has a bachelors degree in Science; a masters degree in Philosophy; and a PhD degree in Russian Linguistics and Literature. He speaks fluent English, Dutch, German, and Russian; and knows simple French and Korean. He has traveled in more than 40 countries in Europe, the Americas, and Asia; and sailed a yacht across the Atlantic Ocean

Maarten has taught people all over the world, from middle and high school students in America; university students from Moscow to Vladivostok, in Russia; and middle and high school and university students in Korea. He is currently teaching at Cheongshim International Academy, in Gapyeong-gun and has been there since the school’s opening day.

So far, Maarten has published six books, in three languages, in Korea, Australia, and Russia, with two more books prepared for publication, in Korea and Russia; and has personally interviewed Guus Hiddink for his Random House published biography. He has also published articles in the JoongAng Daily, Jugan DongA, 좋은 생각, and Korea Policy Review

Maarten has received favorable media coverage and reviews in the Chosun Ilbo, Kookmin Ilbo, Korea Herald, Korea Times, Infomag Magazine (EC magazine) and on Arirang-TV, KBS-radio, EBS-radio, and CBS-radio, in Korea; in the Sun Herald, Adelaide Advertiser, Launceston Examiner, Sunday Herald Sun, and Inside Sport, in Australia; in NRC Hadelsblad; Het Parool; Voetbal International, and, in the Netherlands.

Maarten’s wife is from New York and they have four children: his daughter and oldest son were born in the US; second son in Moscow; and third son in Itaewon, Seoul