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Fly Fishing Journal of Jack Harford (UTS ’79)

… Flyfishing is a certifiable addiction.
Not sure if it is being in nature, escaping from daily duties, or the thrill of catching a big fish. Sometimes it is the anticipation of catching a nice fish that can spur one on. Some fishermen feel the whole preparation for the trip, preparing all the gear, and tying flies for the big event are as much fun as actually getting out and fishing the water. Others want only to be on the water and prepare only as much as absolutely necessary as to maximize the time on the water and learning from the fish. Living two blocks from a very fishable creek that sometimes will surrender a 15-18 inch Smallmouth Bass (and there are stories of bigger ones) is all I need to get motivated to try again and try something new.
Experimental Flies and Old Standbys – Sept 2013

 Sitting there on the dining table in the pine paneled great room was my “first rod”. It was still attached to the drying motor, but the epoxy on the wraps had completely set up and cured for the recommended 24 hour period.

It is not the first rod I’ve ever owned, but rather the first rod I have ever built. Some of the wraps are not perfect. Some of the ‘fuzzys’ were not melted away properly over a quickly moving flame. A couple of the guides are off ‘just a hair’. But, this is “My” rod, a blue graphite seven and a half foot three weight with dark blue wrappings and a neat little o-ring hook keeper.
My First Rod and the Green Midge – May 2006