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E-learning: A New Adventure

UTS is creating a course which will be available on the online learning plattform Udemy at the end of May, 2016. Several more courses will be presented in the near future by experts (professors, alumni, and friends of UTS) and offered online to targeted audiences.

This is part of a communications campaign to re-position UTS in the emerging 21st-century landscape of theological and religious education. The Communications Team is exploring new ways for UTS to add value to its constituents, to be relevant both in US and global education, and to tap into new income streams.

Today’s internet… is built on video. Much more difficult to create well, far more impactful when it works. (…) Great video doesn’t change the rules. A great video on your site isn’t enough. You still need permission, still need to seek remarkability, still need to create something that matters. What video represents is the chance—if you invest in it—to tell your story in a way that sticks.”Seth Godin, noted author, entrepeneur, marketer, and public speaker

The video clip below looks back to Saturday, April 9, 2016, which was a milestone day for UTS digital marketing. It is a sneak peek behind the scenes of UTS’s new e-learning venture where the UTS Communications Team with UnFOLD Creative Agency crafted the upcoming online 3-hour non-credit course “Divine New York” featuring UTS professor, Dr. Ronald Brown.

Dr. Brown has lived in New York City (NYC) for twenty-four years and from 1992-2013 was a docent for the New York Historical Society. Though a regular speaker on the history of NYC at libraries and events through the greater NYC area, this is his first venture sharing his expertise about NYC in an online course.  Divine New York - How religions have shaped the greatest city in the world, the Empire City provides a fascinating insight into NYC's remarkable evolution.