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7 steps to take BEFORE launching a new program . . . and 1 to take AFTER

Innovation is a logical response to pressure. It is not surprising, then, that theological educators at ATS member schools have become innovative generators of new ideas.

Many of those good ideas have found their way into some of the more than 60 petitions for new degree programs, experiments, and exceptions in the past year alone. But a good idea does not guarantee a sustainable business model.

Before committing to a new venture, due diligence calls for a systematic process of planning and analysis. These steps do not have to be taken in sequence, but each one is critical.

Unification Theological Seminary (UTS) is not yet a member of the Association of Theological Schools (ATS), but UTS presidents and administrative staff have been welcomed at ATS conferences over the last 15 years.

Anthony T. Ruger has been a researcher, administrator, and consultant in theological education for several decades. He presented this topic at the 2016 ATS Presidential Leadership Intensive Conference.