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40/40 Campaign November Update

September 20, 2015 was the 40 year anniversary of the Unification Theological Seminary (UTS) opening convocation, which was also on September 20, but in 1975!  An abbreviated film of that event can be seen here:

This year, is therefore, a proud year in the history of UTS. One chapter, the first 40 years of UTS has ended. A new chapter is opening. The trustees, administration, faculty and staff of UTS are dedicated to launching this next 40 years for UTS with renewed hope, and the promise of accomplishment. Each of them is being asked to support UTS by giving to the 40/40 Campaign.

An educational institution, like an ocean going liner does not maneuver easily. In higher education there are many processes, rules, and policies. Some are from the seminary itself, but even these are reviewed periodically by the accrediting association. They look at everything to see that the “ship” is being well managed. Other seminary procedures have to comply with the rules and regulations of external bodies at the State and Federal level. These are in place to support and protect the students and the employees of UTS. It is a lot to manage, but I have witnessed the great efforts of the president and the administration to straighten out deficiencies and to bring UTS back on course over the last 10 months. These tasks are painstaking, and require great diligence.

There is also the environment that UTS faces. The world cries out for depth of heart and understanding. The talent and untapped resources of UTS are significant. What can be done to tap into that latent energy?

The 40/40 Campaign aims to leverage that talent and uncover even more.

The 40/40 Campaign will support a wide range of initiatives.

For one thing, UTS is launching a new web site. I expect it to be up and running soon after the beginning of the Spring semester i.e. early February 2016. A dynamic site optimized for mobile, laptop and desk top. [Over 55% of UTS alumni read the newsletters or view the web site and Facebook pages on mobile devices.]

There will be expansion into social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. media which can help UTS to tell its story and to tell your stories: the stories of alumni; the stories of the professors; he stories of the programs that alumni have invested in over the years.

Did you know that UTS alumni live and work in at least 65 countries?  I have counted them. I would like to know how they are all doing.

There will be a wider variety of communication: better photography; there will be more use of video.

There will be a variety of initiatives for alumni (and friends to engage in: civic education; the culture of marriage; religion and peace. Some of these initiatives are already beginning to find traction.

What about the current students? Wouldn’t you like to know their stories too? Their goals and their dreams? Why are they attending UTS? How can we support them? What do they need? Do they have mentors? Is student life outside of the classroom alive and engaged? Are they from overseas? Are they from different faiths? What about graduates? Have they been able to find jobs? Did UTS education serve them well?

There is much to do. The purpose of UTS Advancement and Communications is to work on all these points through COMMUNICATIONS, ALUMNI RELATIONS and DEVELOPMENT. 

So, I ask you to join with me and support the 40/40 Campaign.

It means giving FORTY DOLLARS PER MONTH for FORTY MONTHS (a little over 3 years)

My goal is that after 40 months you will be so pleased with the results that you will want to keep giving to the 40/40 Campaign. Maybe even increase the gift to $80 !

[By the way, if $40 is too steep, then please consider 20/40 i.e. $20 for 40 months. Please give what you can.]

Over 50 people have already signed up or have pledged to start giving. There are actually close to 1700 alumni, so it would make a big difference if even 10% could join the campaign.

As December draws close and you are thinking of your end of the year gift giving, then please consider supporting the 40/40 Campaign.

We will do better advertising, grow new markets, provide programs which benefit alumni and current students, adopt better technology… the list is long. But support from the alumni will help to make it happen.