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UTS to sell Barrytown

After considerable prayer, thought, discussion and due diligence, the UTS Board of Trustees has directed the UTS administration to sell the Unification Theological Seminary (UTS) property in Barrytown, NY. The trustees, who have fiduciary responsibility for the institution, came to this difficult decision with a heavy heart. UTS is no longer able to pay what it costs to maintain the property, while simultaneously fulfilling its educational mission in a changing world. In reviewing the financial situation, the trustees determined that it is best to invest the Seminary’s limited resources to develop stronger academic programs. Proceeds from its sale will be used solely to benefit the Seminary. 

UTS is repositioning itself as an entrepreneurial, urban seminary with courses offered online and in New York City. As the Founder predicted, e-learning is the wave of the future, providing access to courses to a global audience. Technology has opened doors for new ways to learn. It is essential that UTS move forward and utilize interactive, online platforms. We live in an age when the Internet opens the doors of education far beyond the limitations of a brick-and-mortar building, which is expensive to maintain.

Many of us have a sentimental yearning for the love, happiness and friendship that we experienced at Barrytown, having spent quality time there with our Founders and peers. Yet rather than dwell on the past, our Board has decided that our Seminary should move forward toward what God has in store for future generations of students. Without the financial burden of Barrytown, UTS can fulfill its mission of educating future generations of students; with it, that will not be possible. 

We are tremendously encouraged by the worldwide response of students to UTS Online. We are inspired that our distance learning courses have resulted in breakthroughs for students in Africa, Europe and Asia. The partnership with Family Federation (FFWPU) our sponsoring church, remains solid, and we are working closely with the church leaders to provide theological education for a new wave of young leaders worldwide.

UTS is planning to reinstitute a scholarship program to support doctoral studies fora few young scholars who want to become UTS professors. We are also excited to strengthen community relations and to expand our academic programs, by developing ecumenical partnerships and collaborations, launching a Ministry Institute, establishing an Islamic track in our Master’s degree program, and seeking to offer joint degree programs with peer institutions. The sale of the Barrytown property will provide the funds that will drive that next phase of our development as a leading graduate school in Unification studies.