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UTS Alumni Spearhead Church Growth and Development

Growth and development. Those are words that we all like to hear, especially when people we know are involved.

Recently, on Sunday, October 1, the New York Korean Evangelical Association (KEA) celebrated the opening of a new extension to the building that was first purchased in 2004 in North Haledon, New Jersey. 

Senior Pastor, Rev. Ki Yeal Lee (UTS’95)

Senior Pastor, Rev. Ki Yeal Lee (UTS’95), has been leading the KEA congregation since 2009 and it is now not just Korean families, but Japanese, Filipinos, African Americans, Latinos, and Europeans too. And with the growth in the community of families come many youth, second and third generation following in their parents’ footsteps. Rev. Lee has proved to be a champion of faith and has brought together a strong and growing congregation.

“With love and patience, Pastor Lee cares for every member of his congregation, even those who complain, or are unable to make it to church each Sunday. Pastor Lee’s devotion and love for God, the Heavenly Parent, and his congregation permeates into the hearts of all of us at KEA so much so that it motivates us to better ourselves and reach a higher emotional and spiritual standard in life.”Ye Ji Elise Ferrabolli, KEA Sunday School teacher

kea ny 2017 3

With the support of Rev. Dairo Ferrabolli (UTS’05), KEA Council Director Chung Boo Kang, and the late KEA General Manager, Yoon Myung (Jacob) Park, the three year project to provide 3 big classrooms, an office for the senior pastor, a larger cafeteria, bathrooms, and rooms for other youth activities and workshops, was completed adding 3,300 square feet to the building at a cost of $610,000. The leadership team could not have accomplished this without the wholehearted support of the KEA community membership. 

Many in the community recognized the great contribution of Jacob Park who passed in April 2017, just a couple of months before the work was started. He is missed, but his heart and dedication are remembered.

Guests at the dedication ceremony included Korean War veterans and representatives from the Muslim faith community in Paterson, NJ. Many awards were also given to families in appreciation of their outstanding efforts to make the church extension possible.

Miilhan Stephens (UTS MDiv student) also contributed to this article