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Ugorji, Basil

Adjunct Associate Professor

Basil Ugorji, Ph.D. is a peace and conflict scholar. Dr. Ugorji’s research focuses on innovative approaches to navigating the complex landscape of traumatic memories of war and violence. His expertise lies in contributing to the profound task of achieving national reconciliation in postwar transitional societies. With research published in peer-reviewed journals such as Ethnic Studies Review, and currently serving as the editor of the Journal of Living Together, Dr. Ugorji is dedicated to fostering scholarly discourse and advancing new knowledge in the field. Dr. Ugorji’s expertise extends to training many mediators from diverse countries, utilizing a range of mediation models. His insights have been sought by both the media and intergovernmental bodies. 

Dr. Ugorji holds a Ph.D. in Conflict Analysis and Resolution, a Master of Arts in Philosophy, a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, and a Diploma in French Language Studies. Having lived in several countries, including Nigeria, Togo, France, and the United States, Dr. Ugorji brings a global perspective to his work. As the Founder of the International Center for Ethno-Religious Mediation (ICERMediation), Dr. Ugorji demonstrates a commitment to global peacebuilding. His professional and educational journey reflects a profound engagement with conflict resolution, philosophical inquiry, and linguistic studies, showcasing a diverse and comprehensive foundation for his impactful work.