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September Holds Special Significance

September is a busy month. In the USA, Labor Day weekend, back to school, and for many, back to work.

In the history of UTS September holds a special significance. UTS held the Inaugural Convocation on Saturday September 20, 1975.

The momentum of the mid-70s was exciting and events often centered around late September. There had been a major rally at Madison Square Garden on September 18, 1974 and in 1976 there was the September 18 rally at the Washington Monument. The September 20, 1975 UTS Inaugural Convocation was in the middle of a major evangelical outreach. The first UTS students were active in the middle of those events too. It was a time of great enthusiasm and hope.

Many of the first class of 1977 may still remember the opening words of UTS’ first president, David S.C. Kim:

“President David S.C. Kim hereby offically proclaims the inauguration of Unification Theological Seminary to the Heaven and the Earth in the presence of our Heavenly Father, Rev. and Mrs. Moon, distinguished guests, and men and women…This proclamation shall be consummated when President David Kim is installed by Reverend and Mrs. Moon and then the Bible, the Word of God, is opened…”David S.C. Kim

A short video helps us capture the moment….  UTS Convocation

UTS celebrated the 40th anniversary at Barrytown on September 20, 2015.

The 40/40 Campaign was launched at that time to usher in a re-awakening of the UTS founding spirit for the next 40 years. The one year window, the “first year of the next 40 years” is coming to a close. September 20th  2016 is just around the corner, coming in less than two weeks.

Read more about the 40/40 Campaign in a previous article Support the Seminary from UTS News, May 11, 2016.

Many alumni have joined the 40/40 Campaign and are giving $40 per month for 40 months. Those alumni and friends who have joined the 40/40 Campaign will be recognized on a commemorative page to be added to the website in October. If you have been meaning to join the 40/40 Campaign or made a pledge to do so and did not yet get round to it, then the next couple of weeks would be a good time to act. The 40 months giving begins with your first donation. Thanks.