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Life is changing. UTS is changing.

We are changing how we communicate, how we relate to the world, and how we provide content. UTS seeks to develop relationships and provide value to our audience. So wherever you are accessing content on the Internet, we want to be there with you.

The UTS Communications Team is aware that close to 65% of our viewers are looking at the website on their mobile phones. This is similar to the use of mobile throughout the USA and increasingly throughout the world.

“Mobile” does not only mean smartphones, but rather any device that you can carry with you to receive content: smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

UTS’ new website launches on Easter Monday (March 28, 2016) and it is a “responsive” website, meaning that you get an optimal viewing experience no matter what device you use. You can still see us on your desktop, but you can also be sure of a seamless experience when using your mobile on the go.

Furthermore, UTS is working to improve in the following areas:

  • Brand awareness
  • Recruitment
  • New services for our constituents
  • Relationship building
  • Social awareness/social change
  • Fundraising