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Giving for the Sake of Others: UTS begins special 40-Day Development Drive

An Appeal from the UTS President

Dear Alumni, Students, and Friends of UTS,

From Friday, October 22 until Giving Tuesday, November 30, UTS is conducting a 40-Day Development Drive seeking support to continue scholarships for young leaders who, upon graduation from UTS, will assume leadership within the North American Heavenly Parent Holy Community.

Those of us who are early graduates of UTS greatly benefited from the significant financial support provided by our Founders.

We hope that you will be inclined to help us to “pay it forward” to the next generation of leaders. 

As a token of appreciation, anyone who donates $1000 or more will receive a framed patch of the net that Father prepared for the first class of seminarians who harvested carp with him along the Hudson beginning in April 1977. Its authenticity is certified by the US Chapter of the Sunhak Institute of History. All donors will receive the 2021 UTS Annual Report.

To find out more, please click here. We thank all of you for your support of UTS. God be with you and your families!

Thomas J. Ward ‘81
UTS President