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Family Church of Connecticut is Seeking a Pastor

The Connecticut Family Church is seeking a Pastor who feels called by God to serve and guide our church community. The candidate should be sincere, prayerful, competent, and able to harmonize with local and national leadership. The pastor is expected to carry out their duties centered on True Parent’s vision and to serve the church community by guiding and developing the local church during an initial period of three years.

Role Objective:

The Pastor provides the vision for the community and seeks to move it in a direction of growth and enrichment by aligning itself to the vision and mission of the subregion and the national leadership. The pastor is focused primarily on the spiritual well-being of the community and its individuals and families. He/She also oversees and is engaged in the financial sustainability and prosperity of the local church.

Main Responsibilities

District Pastor of New England District 1

  • As the largest community in New England, the Pastor of the Family Church of CT also holds the title of District Pastor.
  • Spiritual Central Figure and Organizational Representative of the District
  • Responsibilities include facilitating communication amongst states and coordination of district-wide efforts including physical tours of national leadership
  • Lead District Level Initiatives (3 to 4 times a year)
  • Average hrs./week: 1 ~ 2hrs

Connecticut Family Church Pastor

Spiritual Leader

  • Leads spiritual conditions and initiatives including outreach efforts on the community level
  • Provides care for individuals and families through visitation and connecting members to relevant resources for support
  • Works with the Assistant Pastor (if any) in guiding local ministries, and member care
  • Is responsible to oversee church ceremonies including Seonghwa, Wonjeon and memorial services, Il Shim education, engagement and marriage blessing-related activities, and other membership ceremonies and events
  • Oversees and speaks at ministry-led programming as requested, including Youth programs, CARP & ACLC meetings/programs, HTM meetings, BFM programs, and others

Director of Sunday Worship

  • Responsible for organizing Sunday Worship Service, including the coordination of Sunday Worship Team and volunteers
  • Responsible to deliver the Sunday Sermon a minimum of two times per month
  • Seeks to create the spiritual and physical environment to foster renewal and revival through a personal connection to God’s love for all members

Communications and Reporting

  • Reports to Church Community on local activities and initiatives on the district, subregional, and national leadership
  • Reports to Local Church Council, apprising the Council of district, subregional, and national goals, and objectives
  • Communicates regularly with members and local leadership via regular meetings (in-person and virtual), email, and other means

Outreach & Growth

  • Responsible for outreach to and education for new members
  • Promotes awareness and understanding of True Family Values and the Divine Principle as the guiding teaching for members’ lives and activities
  • Promotes active working relationships for interfaith cooperation through involvement with faith-based and community organizations
  • Oversees the development, with the participation of church leaders and members, of energetic evangelizing programs to increase local church membership
  • Facilitates and encourages the development of new creative outreach activities, including the use of social media and other innovative ideas

Financial Supervision

  • Works with the bookkeeper to create the annual budget
  • Creates a yearly Pastor’s Report for the community, including a report on the approved budget
  • Mediates budget and financial issues that may arise among ministries
  • Works with the Finance Committee on special projects to support fiscal growth and the financial health of the church

Annual Review

Each year the pastor will engage in a review process led by the Council or a specific team within the Council. The purpose of the review is to provide additional guidelines for improvement, address specific concerns from the pastor, and consider whether an increase in remuneration is appropriate for the upcoming year.


  • Prior experience in Ministry leadership, paid or volunteer
  • A firm belief in supporting True Parents and the current providence
  • Participated in the Holy Marriage Blessing ceremony
  • Fluency in the English language
  • Legally eligible to work in the U.S.
  • Strong organizational and communication skills
  • High level of initiative and ownership
  • Willing to relocate to Bridgeport, CT or surrounding area

Preferred Qualifications

  • College graduate with Seminary degree preferred
  • Computer, communication, presentation, and management skills


● The fundamental duties and responsibilities of the Pastor of the Connecticut Family Church reflect the description of duties as described in the Charter of the Connecticut Family Church.

Compensation: Salary: $35,000 -$41,000. (Salary will vary based on qualifications and previous experience.)

Hours: Part time, approximately 25 hours per week. (No benefits.)

To Apply:

Applications are currently being accepted with the intent to fill the position of Pastor of the Connecticut Family Church. Applicants may be asked to travel to Connecticut to interview and to deliver a sermon to the congregation.

Applications will be accepted until May 17, 2022.

1. Complete the Online Job Application at:

2. Cover letter


     2 Letters of Recommendation should be emailed to:

Steven Boyd

Chair, Pastor Search Committee

Family Church of Connecticut