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Dunkley, Demian

Rev. Demian Dunkley formerly served as the President of Family Federation in the United States of America, during which time he worked closely with the American Clergy Leadership Conference as the executive producer of the popular Peace Starts With Me Rallies, filling stadiums across America and hosting online rallies with hundreds of thousands in attendance.

In October, 2020, Rev. Dunkley was appointed as the Family Federation Regional President of Asia Pacific 1, which includes 20 nations, and is home to 3.7 billion people. After completing three years in that position, he was asked by the Co-Founder, Dr. Moon, to return to America to serve in the dual roles of Chairman and President of Family Federation USA.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Arts and Communications; a Master’s Degree in Religious Studies from Unification Theological Seminary, New York, New York; and a Honorary doctorate from Trinity seminary, Dallas, Texas.