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Dr. Perrottet Visits Albania and Kosovo

Adjunct Associate Professor Claude Perrottet recently traveled to Albania and Kosovo as an advisor to UPF Europe.  Dr. Perrottet, originally from Switzerland, spent several years working on peace projects in the Balkans beginning in 1990 and welcomed the opportunity to return to the region where he renewed friendships with colleagues and made new friends.  He was able to meet on several occasions with persons interested in learning about the work of UTS and particularly the newly developed program in Peace Studies.  

Dr. Perrottet confirmed that there is considerable interest in Peace Studies, both in Albania and Kosovo, due to the historically unstable situation in the Balkans. Kosovo is still struggling in its relationship with Serbia and the UN presence is still needed to guarantee security. Albania has only recently emerged from the self-imposed isolation and extreme poverty of its former Communist regime. Corruption is a serious problem. Political and religious leaders, academics and youth leaders are now focusing on the development of “positive peace” – creating the conditions allowing for the durable presence of peace and prosperity in society. 

Dr. Perrottet concluded, “This was a great opportunity for me to return to the Balkans and to share the vision of UTS with many UTS alumni, academics and prospective students.”