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Shimmyo, Theodore

Professor Emeritus of Theology

Dr. Theodore Shimmyo is exceedingly knowledgeable of Christian theology, even in its intricate areas such as Trinity and Christology. And yet he does not teach theology merely as doctrine or dogma. With much passion, he relates it to our real lives, thereby encouraging us to bring God back to us. 

This practical theological approach by him was already largely shaped when he was still in his country of Japan where his reading of Augustine and Luther helped to transform his life of faith.

Additionally, his approach is ecumenical in that he leads his students to have a precious glimpse into a universal element in each and every theological tradition, with the hope that different traditions will be able to relate to one another by humbly going beyond their particularities.

Dr. Shimmyo’s areas of teaching include patristic theology (the theology of the early Church Fathers), Catholic theology, Reformation theology, modern and contemporary theology, Christian systematic theology, and Unification theology.

Dr. Shimmyo served as the President of HJI from 1994-2000. He published numerous theological articles and such books as Explorations in Unificationism (1977). His ongoing passion is to write more on theology.

Dr. Shimmyo is currently working on a new book that is an in-depth study of Unification theology in the context of Christian theology.

    • Ph.D. in Theology, Drew University
    • M.Phil. in Theology, Drew University
    • Dipl. R.E., Unification Theological Seminary
    • B.S. in Nuclear Engineering, U. of Tokyo
  • Books:

    • Explorations in Unificationism (1977)


    • THE 5312 Radical Theologies
    • Member, Karl Barth Society of North America.